favorite food reads to-date

June 18, 2010 § 2 Comments

1. Fitness Mag

Twitter: http://twitter.com/fitnessmagazine

2.  Yoga Journal

twitter: http://twitter.com/Yoga_Journal

3. Hungry Girl

WEB: look for her book listings – I just bought 200 under 200, good stuff. I’m also hearing good word about the new book

twitter: http://twitter.com/HungryGirl

4. Skinny Bitch– my mini review trying to remember back to march when i read it- the book is decent. It starts out strong with good reasons why you shouldn’t consume artificial/additives/yada yada yada. They give relevant, reputable sources for most of the good points they raise and point you in the right direction when looking for more info on a subject.  My only point of centention is that I did not expect the bombardment of meat-bashing.  I know they are vegetarians and that I have definitely been doing enough reading to push me towards the like, but I did not like the propaganda.  I was grateful for the insight and terror of the meat-world but something about the way those chapters were written that really turned me off.  It turned it from light reading to just bad, total 180 in just one page. Then it never ended. Lasted for a good chunk of the book.  Strong finish and the book def gave me food for thought.  I stopped drinking milk b/c of those girls.

NYTimes review of SkinnyBitch:

5. Fit from Within: personal review – this was a game changer. I liked her style, she was not bashing. The book has a loving, sweet tone that makes you want to hug a box of granola.  I liked her tips on overall awareness. This book was a 10/10 for me. Buy it!

The author\’s mindulness website – Have a look:

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