Weightloss Math

May 21, 2012 § Leave a comment

I have a new goal!  Waiiiit for itttt…

Over the past few months i’ve had no motivation to exercise or work on my health consistently.  In December my girlfriends and i all enthusiastically purchased super expensive hot yoga packages.  I stopped going on feb 29 and my attendance was pitiful in the meantime.  February i got my butt to the gym for a new membership….and went three times to date.  March i rejoined weightwatchers with the goal of losing 25 lbs but did not manage this well.  Ive lost 6 lbs and regained 1, honestly, not bad.  I’ve been averaging about NEGATIVE 50 pts per week…not exercising, and using all (plus many) extra points. To my own credit, im still tracking everything everday.  Research does show that those who track their intake lose more weight, even if they are over -calorie goal.  So ive got that going for me….which is nice.

When it comes down to it im just flat out lazy so making any sort of effort to exercise would be unlikely…would be easier to make a bejeweled unicorn appear and perform cartwheels.


lazy + no immediately attainable goal + no plan of action + food around me = no action, ergo failure. Such an ugly word.

Failure rectification-

Sat here thinking earlier that i (and most successful- goal – reaching people) require sips rather han the proverbial fire hydrant explosion of water in order to complete tasks.  Weight loss is no different.  I broke it down by means of some savvy math i learned in 2nd grade.  If my goal is to lose 25 lbs in one year, that means i only have to lose 2 measly pounds per MONTH.  TWO per MONTH,  1/2 lb/ week, or 0.07 lbs/day.  That is the most attainable goal i’ve ever set for myself.  Which reminds me that iVe never really set attainable goals in the past hence the failure.  Lying to myself thinking that just because i have a wedding dress to fit into now so just lose 25 lbs is moronic.  Seriously.  Who can be expected to lose weight without a stepwise plan?  Im much smarter than this so why did i wait so long to apply elementary school math? Again, im lazy, so there.

So there i have it – an actual plan instead of a useless list of exercised and foods i will eat/not eat this month.  I can now incorporate exercise to my semi-successful WW plan and not get pissy if i lose just two lbs per month bc my goal is…..TWO pounds each MONTH, not 25 lbs in one month.  I’ll probably dabble in some hot yoga, running, and light weight training.  Totally attainable.  For once i have a solid plan , with more details TBD…but the most important one is set. 🙂

How do you set weightloss goals?


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