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To start things off; Random Ramblings

It’s a Friday night.  I’m sitting here with my liquid motivation; Malibu, Light cranberry/raspberry juice, and Fresca. Thumbing through Fitness Magazine and Cooking Light, and listening instrumental hip hop on Pandora.  As I’ve said several time on Twitter, I think my 40’s have bitch-slapped and taken over my mid-20’s. All of this while relaxing in a big comfy swivel chair at my desk on my Gaiam balance ball, aka, my fitness orb.  Yes, I use a balance ball in place of a chair because, per Dwight Schrute “This ab workout is specifically designed to strengthen your core”. I’ll quote one of my favorite scenes from “The Office” because I’m just that bored and I LOOOOOOVE The Office!

Dwight Schrute: [sitting on a giant rubber ball] You should get one of these.
Jim Halpert: No, thank you.
Dwight Schrute: Do you even know what this is? It is a fitness orb, and it has completely changed my life. Forget everything you thought you knew about ab workouts.
Jim Halpert: Done.
Dwight Schrute: This ab workout is specifically designed to strengthen your core. [bumps picture on Jim’s desk] Sorry.
Jim Halpert: It’s all right.
Dwight Schrute: Numerous health benefits: strengthens your back, better performance at sports, more enjoyable sex.
Jim Halpert: You’re not having sex.
Dwight Schrute: [smirks] Plus, improves your reflexes. [knocks over knick-knack on Jim’s desk] See, I would have caught that.
Jim Halpert: Okay, you know what, how much is that?
Dwight Schrute: It’s only 25 bucks.
Jim Halpert: Wow. Um, okay. [pops orb with a pair of scissors, causing Dwight to crash to the ground]

Am I an exciting, burning ball of fun energy or what?

Starting to sip drink #2.

Weighty Issue

Like I’ve whined about before, I’m not sure what happened after my third month on weight watchers, but I’m not liking what I’m seeing in the mirror or feeling.  I continued to lose a slight bit of weight this month but I think it was mainly from muscle loss after not working out much and not exactly eating as healthfully as I was over the past few months.  I posted about this issue earlier in the week.  I think my biggest issue was moving back home and getting too comfortable.  When I’m by myself I found out that the best way for me to fight my boredom and occasional loneliness was to exercise.  It worked so I pushed and motivated myself more and more.  I was regularly attending Bikram hot yoga classes and going to the gym 5 days/week.  Whoa, what a difference it was to come home and have no stresses, all day to do nothing at all until residency starts.  Apparently there is an inverse relationship between my daily free time and the amount of MoJo I have.   I’m positive that once I’m all moved into my new place in a few days I’ll get back on track without feeling tied down. Anyways…

Side bar: Also, of note, is that I have been managing my eating habits and hunger much better than I had been since the first week of June.  I started this morning right with my berry smoothie, had a snack in the mid-morning and had a light lunch.  I am a girl who loves quantity AND quality so small portions are difficult for me, lately just one fistful of veggie chips won’t suffice.  My solution; eat on. a smaller plate and load up on fluids.  The smaller the plate, the more voluminous the meal appears.  I made sure I had about three bottles of water and I am happy to say that my hunger was not as intense as most days.  Now, back to the exercise…

Couch to 5K

Tried to get my MoJo back and I think it’s 85% safe to say that I think it’s back. Let me tell you how.

After reading multiple accomplishments by a few of my Twitter peeps I thought I might jump on this bandwagon.  I’ve always been told by orthopedists not to run because I’ve had a funky arthritis behind my knee caps since I was in high school…but I don’t listen to doctors…

On Monday I chatted with the ever adorable  littlemissknits and concluded that I’d start myself on a stable running program.  I needed to change things up to be able to re-start.  I was also a bit pressured when my sister kindly noted that my belly was coming back…and I was starting to feel a bit of side rolls, you know the ones right under your bra strap beneath your arm pit?  Yes, those.  Gross.  So, with all of these signs that it was time to kick things back up I looked up the C25K Program.  Started this program on Wednesday and didn’t have any hip or knee pain.  Felt great afterwards, felt like myself again.  Today I made a valiant effort to get back out there and overcome my fears of my shin splints making an -all out attack on my or feeling my knee caps start to rub on underlying bone…the thought of which makes me slightly nauseated.  I made my sister go out with me.  It was awesome.  Yes, I did have knee and hip pain so I was attempted to Chi Run.  If you’ve ever read about this, it’s not the easiest method to pick up on, especially for someone who’s as far from graceful as possible.  I tried aligning everything, keeping my shoulders aligned with my hips and my hips aligned with my knees. I thought I was doing ok but according to my sister I looked more like a confused, pigeon-toed ass.  I thought so, too.  This method will take some time to learn and I’m trying to be patient with myself.

The run it-self, aside from the incessant bitching about chin splints and other such orthopedic nonsense, was peaceful and relaxing.  The course I run is mile posted at a local park, taking me through a short course of an evergreen forest, along multiple hills and valleys, and finally a beautiful pond with fountain.  I’ve never taken the time to appreciate how calming and serene it feels to run in a wooded area (with a partner and my pepper spray on my keys, of course).  But aside from the pepper spray the run was awesome.

I was a runner in high school (until my shin splints got so bad that I ended up having to quit and going to physical therapy three times weekly. (long, sad sigh) so I thought I’d be able to pick up on my stride pretty fast.  This didn’t exactly happen and it was slightly discouraging considering I was able to run two miles at least once per week with out discomfort just two months ago.  What happened to my knees in this time block and where’s my stamina?  Oh well.  Better slow and steady than hurting myself again or pushing so hard that I feel intimidated and stop all together.  Right?

A few of my motivational resources:

Fitness magazine, reading Tweets of fellow fitbloggers, and …kick in the pants when I realize I’m paying weight watcher’s AND the gym to provide me the tools I need to stay fit and healthy- need I say more? I need to get my money’s worth!  I also just couldn’t motivate myself to go to the gym in this beautiful weather to stand on an elliptical for 45 mins. no way. As a result of some not-so-heavy thinking, I found that having a work out buddy (my sister) and taking the heat outside was the best way for me to do it and get back into my little groove. And yes..I wore my sunscreen. 🙂

The outcome

I finished my C25K daily routine and even felt motivated enough to practice some pilates when I came home.  Tomorrow’s cross training – planning to take a spin class.  Really looking forward to it!

Final note; I found a terrific iPhone app for C25K – it’s 2.99, voice-overs telling you when to start running and when to walk.  It also allows you to listen to your own iTunes playlist and will momentarily interrupt a song to prompt the next move.  I LOVE IT!

Thanks for reading,

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