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Autumn in NY

It’s Autumn-ish….

We all know what this season holds (at least for me); nostalgia for the smell and taste of pumpkin, spices, apples, pears, hot spiced cider (with rum, please), pumpkin ale, Oktoberfest, hay rides, farmer’s markets, pies, pumpkin carving, foliage rides to VT, steaming cups of soup, gourds, costumes, candles, candy corn, maple, fireplace scent, wood ovens, warm lattes, cool breezes, comfy blankets….but of course, what’s always on my mind is FOOD!  It’s the time of year when I grab my coffee or hot chocolate, prance over to the local market and take in the sights: crisp Cortland apple, (my new find today were) the ginger golden apples, fresh tubers, legumes, tomatoes, leaf lettuce, gourds, fresh jams and jellies, home-made bread, local wine and cheese.  This year I was lucky enough to be on vacation during this exciting time so I soaked it up, rallied the troops and headed to every fest I could think of.  The farmer’s market is different.  That’s my solo trip.  It’s my time for peace and happiness, so I like to hit it up solo-style, save my coffee traveler.

(*swiped a 3 of these pics from google. You’re welcome, legal schmegels)

Harvest Fest

These are a few of our favorite things….right?  So what the hell is a fitblogger supposed to do with all of these delicious fruits of nature around her? EAT! I walked around each little farm stand and local vendor.  I had bits of camambert with a dab of blackberry jam on a fig cracker, two shmears of goat cheese on cracked wheat crackers, little taste of butternut squash soup (not even slightly impressive compared to a recipe i concocted).  I didn’t bother counting my Bites, Licks, or Tastes here.  There are some weeks when I just have to say no to counting everything and have a sane life.  I obviously didn’t go over board, I know exactly what I was eating and how much, really, I do.  I just wanted to have 20 min of joy with Fall’s bounty without feeling tied to eTools. So I did, and if it shows up on the scale, so be it.  I’ll move forward.

I was stoked to run into a few old friends, had a cupcake with my folks, walked around the pond, listened to some folk music (I can’t lie.  I didn’t enjoy even one second of this folk hell), took pictures with my crappy point and shoot because I was afraid to lug my Canon along – hence the terrible pictures, and just generally had a rockin’ time in the outdoors.  I only have one gripe; I was pretty let down that there were not more local farmers.  I know Honest Weight sponsored this, but they weren’t even selling fresh fruits or vegetables.  They had samples but nothing fresh for purchase….odd and upsetting because I found a new apple variety that I would very much like to own 20 lbs of.

Tomorrow’s Damage

I’m worried about dinner tomorrow. I went out to an unplanned dinner with my family tonight (see review), didn’t eat very much although it was divine, didn’t go over board with points, but I’m at the end of the rope with weekly allowance points.  I’m taking a friend out to dinner for his birthday and we happen to be going to a local restaurant that is gourmet to the max (lets do it together….noses in the air)  and does not offer much in the way of healthy fare.  I’ve been scouring the menu tonight trying to find something that’s healthy and won’t put me over my points for the week.  IRISH FEST robbed me of my extra points.  Despite keeping it very healthy with a chicken gyro (yeah, I had a friggin’ GREEK chicken gyro at IRISH FEST …what of it?!) I had enough wiggle room for fried dough and a much needed round of 3 light beers.  I’m happy about that. I think. Regardless, I had a great time and took a much needed siesta.

What are you Fall favorites?



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Not sure about you guys but I find it helpful to see what other WW members eat.  I’ve been practicing with lighting as I prepare random quick meals.  Thought it would be useful to post some pretty pics that also give a glimpse of some of my eats.  They’re relatively quick (<20 min).  The recipes for anything I’ve baked is on the Recipe page. Check ’em out!  Check out EatingWell for incredible FALL recipes for all of those fresh fruits and veggies you buy at this season’s local farmer’s markets. Also, I’ll post some pics from the farmer’s markets and various Fests I’ve attended. Enjoy 🙂


Red Quinoa cooked in Almond milk and vanilla, topped with 1/2 banana, chopped mixed nuts, cinnamon, and honey

whole farm fresh egg in sliced red bell pepper

slice of onion and tomato filled with low fat cheese and egg beaters, with sauteed mushrooms and spinach


Buffalo chicken salad. Chopped celery, grape tomatoes, matchstick carrots, and blue cheese yogurt dressing. Served with morning star buffalo chicken and two zucchini pancakes

turkey chili (see recipe page) with salsa con queso, low fat colby jack, 1 tbsp guac, tomato and cucumber salad w lime spritz


Whole wheat garlic penne topped with asparagus tips & red pepper flake and coarse salt

eggplant parm (boxed – will check freezer for brand) on a 100 calorie submarine roll, Alexias roasted sweet potatos and carrots, garden salad w blue cheese yogurt dressing

Turkey chili – see recipe page

Lean Cuisine Chicken alfredo, Alexia’s mixed veggies, 2 sweet potato patties

“Cowfredo” Vermicelli with 2 wedges of melted Laughing cow cheese (garlic and herb flavor), shopped Quorn chicken patty


Almonst Fat Free blueberry Key Lime Pie

Sweet potato fries with spiced reduced fat maple sour cream

Red Velvet cupcakes with buttercream frosting…made these for ‘baby’sister

These were incredible! I tweaked a few recipes to perfect a very low fat Pumpkin Spice/walnut cupcake with pumpkin spice reduced fat frosting, topped with toffee and dusted with cinnamon. These were a total hit with my sister’s housemates!


My favorite Saturday AM farmer’s market


August 16, 2010 § 1 Comment


It’s been days since I’ve worked out. I’ve gone on a run but I haven’t been able to keep up with my C25K.  I thought it was hard to exercise while working nights but this….THIS nonsense is just insane.  Working upwards of 80 hours/WEEK…yes, WEEK makes it damn near impossible to get a decent work out in. I typically wake up at 4:15 am, get my self all gussied up, grab my coffee, head to work to round before 7am. The fatigue. I’m perpetually exhausted, but not in the miserable  way that I was at the VA last month.  This month has been awesome because I can actually use what minimal brain cells I have, but I digress.


I’m feeling super sluggish because of my zero booty shaking.  I haven’t done any yoga recently, I was going to start P90X but my lady-friend still hasn’t mailed it to me yet(we’re over a month late on that ), I have barely seen the gym doors, no pilates, no weights, no walks, just a few random jogs. My legs feel like giant 1000 lb LOGS.  I do my best to shake my ass when i can, luckily my sister is in shape and loves to run so she’s a great buddy to have.

Luckily eating has not been as much of an issue. I’ve lost some weight but my gut is becoming a bit more protuberant. Bluuurp.  I really hope my double chin doesn’t make a comeback. yuck.

All for now. Feeling gross. Also haven’t been to a WW weigh in for 3 weeks. nice, right?  Whenever I’m able to make it their doors are locked. Boo.

Some of my favorite treats

June 18, 2010 § 5 Comments

This post will mainly include Brand names that have come to be some of my favorites and most helpful towards a somewhat girlish figure.

1. VitaTops! -chocolate cravings be- gone! These are truly delicious

2. Justin\’s Almond Butter

3. Dannon Light \’n\’ Fit I love the flavor but I still cringe over the Aspartame

4. Skinny Cow Ice Cream

5. Laughing Cow Cheese Wedges These are fantabulous! They’re even coming out with a new Blue Cheese flavor!

6. Sandwich Flats

7. Bagel thins

8. Special K Lowfat granola

9. Blue Diamond Unsweetened Almond Milk

10. MorningStar Farms

  • spicy black bean
  • classic
  • chik’n *fave

11. Kind Bars

12. FiberOne

their 90 cal bars – YUM

13. Trader Joe\’s

  • cilantro dressing
  • raspberry walnut gorgonzola dressing
  • edammame crackers
  • KIND bars in BULK
  • Red quinoa
  • fresh produce

14. Light Beer

15. Pop Chips

16. SmartOnes

  • Desserts
  • quesadillas are pretty darn good
  • lasagna florentine

17. Rob\’s Red Mill

  • Quinoa
  • Flaxseed meal
  • Buckwheat Groats
  • Barley

18. FiberOne pancake Mix

19. Chili\’s chicken & green chili soup AND Margherita Chicken YUM!!!!

20. Tribe HUMMUS

21. Veganaise

22. SUSHI – mainly a little place in SRQ that shall remain unnamed but loved 😉

23. Truvia

25. Sugar in the Raw

26. Blue Diamond Almond Milk – I like the the Vanilla, unsweetened.  Just purchased the chocolate today, reviews ahead. tried the chocolate (not the unsweetened b/c my grocer, ahem, didn’t carry it.) I liked the texture and perfect amount of sugar.  Not over powering.  Not as thick as soy milk, which I was happy about.  A little uneasy about the 2pts value. 120 cals/ 8 oz. Overall, A-

27. Fat free raspberry swirl frozen yogurt. Yum 100 call /serving

28. MorningStar Buffalo chikn nuggets

favorite food reads to-date

June 18, 2010 § 2 Comments

1. Fitness Mag

Twitter: http://twitter.com/fitnessmagazine

2.  Yoga Journal

twitter: http://twitter.com/Yoga_Journal

3. Hungry Girl

WEB: look for her book listings – I just bought 200 under 200, good stuff. I’m also hearing good word about the new book

twitter: http://twitter.com/HungryGirl

4. Skinny Bitch– my mini review trying to remember back to march when i read it- the book is decent. It starts out strong with good reasons why you shouldn’t consume artificial/additives/yada yada yada. They give relevant, reputable sources for most of the good points they raise and point you in the right direction when looking for more info on a subject.  My only point of centention is that I did not expect the bombardment of meat-bashing.  I know they are vegetarians and that I have definitely been doing enough reading to push me towards the like, but I did not like the propaganda.  I was grateful for the insight and terror of the meat-world but something about the way those chapters were written that really turned me off.  It turned it from light reading to just bad, total 180 in just one page. Then it never ended. Lasted for a good chunk of the book.  Strong finish and the book def gave me food for thought.  I stopped drinking milk b/c of those girls.

NYTimes review of SkinnyBitch:

5. Fit from Within: personal review – this was a game changer. I liked her style, she was not bashing. The book has a loving, sweet tone that makes you want to hug a box of granola.  I liked her tips on overall awareness. This book was a 10/10 for me. Buy it!

The author\’s mindulness website – Have a look:

will update more a bit later!


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