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Not sure about you guys but I find it helpful to see what other WW members eat.  I’ve been practicing with lighting as I prepare random quick meals.  Thought it would be useful to post some pretty pics that also give a glimpse of some of my eats.  They’re relatively quick (<20 min).  The recipes for anything I’ve baked is on the Recipe page. Check ’em out!  Check out EatingWell for incredible FALL recipes for all of those fresh fruits and veggies you buy at this season’s local farmer’s markets. Also, I’ll post some pics from the farmer’s markets and various Fests I’ve attended. Enjoy 🙂


Red Quinoa cooked in Almond milk and vanilla, topped with 1/2 banana, chopped mixed nuts, cinnamon, and honey

whole farm fresh egg in sliced red bell pepper

slice of onion and tomato filled with low fat cheese and egg beaters, with sauteed mushrooms and spinach


Buffalo chicken salad. Chopped celery, grape tomatoes, matchstick carrots, and blue cheese yogurt dressing. Served with morning star buffalo chicken and two zucchini pancakes

turkey chili (see recipe page) with salsa con queso, low fat colby jack, 1 tbsp guac, tomato and cucumber salad w lime spritz


Whole wheat garlic penne topped with asparagus tips & red pepper flake and coarse salt

eggplant parm (boxed – will check freezer for brand) on a 100 calorie submarine roll, Alexias roasted sweet potatos and carrots, garden salad w blue cheese yogurt dressing

Turkey chili – see recipe page

Lean Cuisine Chicken alfredo, Alexia’s mixed veggies, 2 sweet potato patties

“Cowfredo” Vermicelli with 2 wedges of melted Laughing cow cheese (garlic and herb flavor), shopped Quorn chicken patty


Almonst Fat Free blueberry Key Lime Pie

Sweet potato fries with spiced reduced fat maple sour cream

Red Velvet cupcakes with buttercream frosting…made these for ‘baby’sister

These were incredible! I tweaked a few recipes to perfect a very low fat Pumpkin Spice/walnut cupcake with pumpkin spice reduced fat frosting, topped with toffee and dusted with cinnamon. These were a total hit with my sister’s housemates!


My favorite Saturday AM farmer’s market


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