A Bit About MSFitMint

I’m a 20-something resident physician, wanna-be perfectionist, and above all, trying to be the best (prepare for some lameness) “student of Life” I know how to be. I am a lover of food, gourmet cooking, and a self proclaimed foodist.

I’ve started this blog to help myself as well as others feel welcome in the world of weight loss, health and fitness. I’d also like to chronicle some of my experiences as a resident, beginning with internship and running through the end of residency.  I’ll integrate the two by paralleling my successes and failures in both as well as the way my job affects my overall health and weight loss goals.   Hopefully I can make a few people laugh, wonder how the hell I ever was given a degree, and also motivate.

My blog will focus on few topics that have a broad scope; residency, weight loss, healthfulness and mindfulness – the way I integrate these ideas into my little life.

Blog posts will typically revolve around these points:

* residency– the ups, downs and all arounds
* how my first few months on WeightWatchers panned out
* my weight loss journey
* pearls of wisdom I learn along the way, both in terms of weight loss and becoming the physician I am destined to be
* motivational quotes
* exercise goals I set for myself and tips that I learn along the way
* pointing out my healthfulness struggles and obstacles along the way
* finding balance between work, family, and health (both emotional and physical) – hence the integration of residency, food and weight loss.
* continuing to develop healthier habits

Without losing my love for food, cooking, baking or photography, I will also occasionally frequently post:

  • my favorite recipes
  • foods I’ve found at chain/local restaurants that fall within my personal healthy guidelines
  • photos of food (yes, I’m one of THOSE people)
  • links to helpful sites, articles or books that I find motivational
  • links to sites, cookbooks, recipes that have saved me from or lead to serious hunger pangs
  • quick recipes that I make up on a weekly basis. Basically if my sister asks me to make it again, I’ll post it.
  • I’ll also keep reminding you about how much I love food

I hope to have piqued an interest and hope to develop a healthy following!


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