Rollercoaster. of Weight.

October 28, 2012 § Leave a comment

Last week I performed an unsuccessful experiment; tracked on both WW and Lose It. I didn’t lose anything other than my patience yet again.  This past week i kept it together and had an easier week tracking.  I did go over points (-12) for the week and I’m accepting of it.  I planned most of my meals for work – including snacks which i ended up not eating because of a super hefty patient load.  My meal lans were derailed 2 times when two colleagues asked me out on a lunch date. who am i to say no? We went to a wonderful little italian Deli – I wish i could display the menu options.  It was as if we’d stepped into the kitchen of a little old italian grandma who happened to be a former chef.  Neatly prepared, multiple options, amazing aroma, not a single healthy option though.  Everything on the menu board was laden with mozz.  Salad descriptions sounded okay but i’d have to ask them to hold like five things from each  – i don’t eat peppers, olives, etc…so I got a (wild guess) 23PP chicken cutlet panini without cheese.  That turned into an almost daily trip for us girls but we hit up different eateries for a quick and not so healthy bite.

Weight last week: 182.8

This week: 181.4 lbs

loss: -1.4

i keep playing around with this 1.4 lbs but i’m happy i’ve lost it this week.

I think a few things I’ll do this week is continue to add more vegetables to my lunches which typically have none.  Zach has been loving my healthier dinners so that will also continue, and i’ll make another batch of roasted vegetables tomorrow to last the next few days. He loved that, and so did my muffin top.

I’ve also purchased Jillian Michaels 30 Day shred that i’m going to try to combine with the elliptical.



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