First Weigh-In After a Long Hiatus

September 29, 2012 § Leave a comment

Frustrated.  After and HOUR of typing a new heartfelt post, WordPress deleted it. This will be a very abbreviated version, just enough to keep me accountable.

So i did it. I went to my first weigh-in since July 5 and the results were astonishing. False. I was not astonished. I was expecting a giant gain and I got it.

last weigh-in July 5, 2012: 174.4 lbs

Sept 28, 2012 183.2 lbs (+ 8.8 lbs)

PS it’s a big effing deal that I just listed absolute numbers.  I am obsessed with the personal value that numbers carry, from grades and board exams to my weight.  Please don’t judge me by my numbers.

This will be a better week.


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