Time to Revamp

December 11, 2011 § Leave a comment

Since the last post may changes have come about; great boy, progressed to second year of residency, travelled to California for the first time, and gained an S-TON of weight.  Gained NINE lbs!!  Was working nights only, discontinued weightwatchers because of cost and basic lack of commitment, and haven’t set foot into a gym in almost 2 months.  I feel like crap, my clothes don’t fit, and my face looks bloated.  I need to start looking and feeling better in my clothes. It also wouldn’t hurt to feel more confident naked.

Goal is to lose at least 10 lbs by March, when Z and I go on a cruise for vaca.  That gives me 3 months, paced, that would allow about one pound per week.  I want to look the way I did at this time last year.  I was hot and in amazing shape….not so much anymore.

Changes I’ve made over the past two weeks and those to come:

(1) gradually started working out.  Starting light with hot yoga several times per week, accompanied by co-residents to keep me motivated. I’m paying an exorbitant fee for these classes but I’m banking on the team effort and peace it brings me, to make it worth it in the long run.

(2) started using SparkPeople to track my food.  I am throwing out the weightwatchers POINTS mentality.  It’s practical for longterm loss but doesn’t come for free and I also feel like basics will always be basic – why pay to use a site that counts my calories?  Regardless of the “research” behind their methods, weight loss will always be about calories in < calories out.  I don’t need a site to limit the fats/proteins/carbs I’m eating because calories will add up just the same.  Despite this, I will start doing my best to limit my carbs, but I won’t replace that with more protein or fat….just more veggies and a but more fruit.  Best part – it’s FREE!

(3) Brought my work-out DVD’s to Z’s apt and he wants to start working out with me.  I suggested P90x together, he agreed. It won’t be a daily activity but we’ll do it when it’s convenient and works with out schedules.  We’ll see how that goes.

(4) My parents got us an elliptical for the apartment.  My gym is close to my parents house so I haven’t been able to make the daily drive an quite frankly haven’t had the motivation to go.  I’m discontinuing my gym membership when it expires in Jan, and will use the new machine as often as I can.  Will really miss the way spin class made me feel but perhaps I’ll find local classes to attend periodically – which will probably become way too pricey in addition to the hot yoga fees.

(5) limiting the amount of artificial sweeteners, Starbucks, and dessert. Holidays are going to be less exciting without the treats but hopefully a slimmer waist will make up for that feeling.

(6) revisiting Twitter as a motivational resource. I need it now.

(7) using that technique I used several months ago of documenting my work outs on a calendar.  I need to show myself that I’m doing this and that I’m sticking with it.  Worked great in the past and I know it’ll work this time.

What do you think?  How have you guys revamped your habits after a huge set-back?

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