Odysseus and his Sirens; a tragic story of cupcake meets ass/waist

November 16, 2010 § 1 Comment


Work is great these days.  I’ve been in the Critical Care Unit on a cardiology service that’s busting at the seams.  There are days when we are above our max census yet days when we have time to canoodle with our RNs and adored co-interns to plan our next luxe facial. I’ve been busier than ever; frequent 27 hour calls days, relentless pages, patients so sick I fear leaving their bedside, the sound of telemetry units sounding with each abnormal rhythm, but I’ve been happy.  I’ve reached the point where I’ve found my co-intern niche, I’ve come to adore them and consider them my peripheral family.   This whimsical flluffy feeling I have may dissipate in the coming weeks but I can say that at this juncture I’m satisfied.


Doing my best to stay/improve my shape.  My most current feat has been toning and weightlifting.  BodyPump has been a physical challenge for me.  I look forward to the demanding endurance every week, yet leave with exquisitely painful legs, weak for days, wondering if everyone else feels the way I do afterwards.   I considered a few solutions:

Maybe I needed water?  Drank several bottles over days.  That didn’t work.

Perhaps a banana or two?  After two of these in one sitting I felt I might vomit. I am not a fan of these phallic fruits.

It finally dawned on me that I likely have a severe vitamin D deficiency, hence the 4 days of myositis, nausea and profound fatigue following any weight lifting (or nights of moderate drinking).  Started taking supplements and wa-la! Myositis dissipated!  Now I can go back to weekly weight training and feeling bad-ass when I put on a tank top for the gym. 🙂

Spin class continues to be my go-to pick-me-up.  Although finding a class that fits my odd work hours is a challenge, co-intern guilt over my propensity to quickly morph into PMS-cranky bitch face if I don’t spin/work out at least 3-4 days a week has been fruitful.  Being that all of my current co-interns are men, they relent – I leave on time and get my work outs in to keep me “compos mentis”.


Like the Sirens to Odysseus.   When they’re around they taunt me – poking their creamy heads out when I’m most vulnerable after my 4th 16 hour work day prior to my impending long call; midget frosted cakes.  My miniature vices.  They are a warning that my guard has been let down and my ass/waistline is about to encounter a defeat. They dissipate my WW points like a college kid with a trust fund,. They’ve added a  road block to my weight loss but baking them keeps me grounded and keeps my cardiology attendings/fellows smiling after grinding through admissions/double rounds all day.

Tonight’s new recipes were ones that I made up; a pureed raspberry and vanilla cake with rum and raspberry frosting.  The next dozen was a brownie with a reese’s in the center and Godiva liquor frosting.  They’ll be the perfect accoutrement for the fellow’s bday party on the unit tomorrow. 🙂 (pics to follow)

What other ways could I sabotage my POINTS? Working with men, one is sure to encounter the ravenous appetite and feel the drag force. After pre-rounds my co-intern sends me one of my favorite texts of the day; “breakfast in cafe, see you in 10”.  I already had my Vanilla Whey Protein/Starbucks Via shake, probably shouldn’t go. But I do. Not just for the sake of being my social little self, but for the sausage, egg and cheese english muffins with a carton of Tropicana Pulp Free OJ.  Yet again, bolstering my POINTS, which I haven’t been tracking much at all.  I’ve come to crave this love affair for the risk involved.  Fully aware of my new addiction,  I meandered over to the frozen foods section at the market this weekend and was happy to find this little guy: is this the Siren to my breakfast sabotage? SmartOnes


Shameful. I haven’t weighed in in almost 2 months. WW doesn’t appear to have a copy of my erratic work schedule, not even for a drop in weigh-in, let alone a meeting.  I’ve My weight has gone down so I’m not terribly concerned.  I am, however, worried that my anxiety may be getting the best of my eating habits. Since halloween weekend I’ve consumed more mini peanut butter cups than I care to share, more lean cuisine’s and smart ones than my self imposed sodium restriction allows, more cupcakes than my gut can handle, and more alcohol than is appropriate for a lady. It’s been an all-out warfare on my Points.  But as long as my waist is slimming I’m staying on my current path, happy, skinny, fat, pudgy, whatever my current weight status, I’m happy.

How have you let go to in efforts to stay sane and what has been keeping you happy these days?


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  • kate says:

    what a wonderful writer you are! thanks so much for stopping by thighs and offerings. and best of luck to you in the coming weeks – it’s a good thing you’re doing!

    ps – are you in school at uvm? my husband is from vermont and we love it there!

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