Accomplishment; 7 days later

June 27, 2010 § 6 Comments


Sometimes I wonder if I’m on the Truman Show.  Same thing, day in and day out.  I am sitting here yet again, on my little  pink exercise ball, typing away with the sound of lawn mowers down the street and splashing from my neighbor’s pool just outside of my window.  Prepped dinner, tidied my room a little, and stressed about internship starting this week.  Besides that one nagging thought, some of the others running through my head are mostly pointless and fleeting, such as; “hey you know Husband and Wife next door pretty well. Why not just invite yourself over for a swim?” Or “I thought I’d get some more color while I was running, dammit!”  Hoping I’m not late for work tomorrow, or, wondering why my raspberry green tea tastes like I drained it out of the men’s urinal of an outhouse. Damn, you crystal light!   But the one I’m going to do my best to bore you about is the sense of accomplishment I feel about the way I’ve burned a few calories this week.

Losing It

Last night I had a little bit of insomnia so I stayed up watching “Losing It” w Jillian.  While I find her obnoxious with that weird sense of control and the cheesy way she breaks people down (just to build them back up) I still really enjoyed the show.  It’s great how I can watch that show and totally relate; the sense of letting go, having a massive bump in the road that brings you down, ultimate self pity and fear of change and comfort.  I got it.  Watching the May family struggle their way from heartbreak, loss of control, heart break that the children felt for their mother, actually had ME excited to see their transformation after eight weeks.  That was an inspiration.  It seriously helped me plow my way through the workout.  It was one of those “If they can do it, I can do it” things.  Worked – and I feel it in my thighs, but it’s a good feeling.

C25K – week one in rear-view mirror:

I just finished my first week of the C25K program.  I was a little nervous about starting to run again after so long but I did it.  I was afraid of how my hips, knees and feet would ache, afraid of my shin splints attacking me while I’m busting my ass, or if I’d just not benefit from it at all; maybe staying stagnant in one phase of the program.  So far so good; my knees have hurt a little and my shins only develop a slight ache but what I tried training myself to do was focus on my form rather than my fear of pain.  As I mentioned in my previous post I’ve been reading a good amount about chi running so as I run i try focusing on my hip/shoulder/clavicle alignment.  I might look kind of like an ass while I’m adjusting my form several times mid-run but I kind of don’t care.  Being that I’m extremely self-conscious and uber critical of everything I say and do, I had to coach myself a little; a little pep-soliloquy:

  • who cares what you look like to Joe Shmo who’s sitting on his front porch slugging down three beers and slobbering on his grease stained shirt.  If I’m getting my overweight and unshapely ass out there to teach myself a better way of health then I really shouldn’t care what Mr. Obese thinks about my chameleon form.  So what if I look stupid in these positions.
  • try your best to ignore the pain.  A 5/10 is tolerable but a 10/10 and constant popping is disgusting and I’m going to stop running – and it will be acceptable.  I can’t force my overloaded knees to handle this if they’re feeling finicky.
  • No excuse to feel tired. Done.  I need to move and it’s normal to feel tired during a run.
  • push your self-imposed fatigue limits.  If Jillian can make a 350 lb man who hasn’t exercised in 15 years run and dance, I better not get lazy and give up on myself.  Not acceptable.
  • And finally, refrain from belting out to “Bad Romance” in public. Not cool.

With all of those little bits of self encouragement I started day three of week one.  Can’t lie that I wasn’t tired, but man it felt good to push myself to run quicker when I felt my shins act up and when I felt tired.  I’ve never really done that before.  Run through shin splints? yes.  But run through fatigue? No.  That was pretty awesome.  I think it helped that I was listening to “Krazy” by Pit Bull at the time, but whatever…I felt bad ass!

I suppose I should pose a question or two.  Things I’m trying to figure out just to compare and contrast my newbie running experiences with others:

(1) How do you guys work past your leg fatigue and/or pain when you run (dare I ask about shin splints?)?  I’m only asking to make sure that I’m not just needlessly harping on the fear of leg pain that I feel.  And no smart-ass comments about seeing my doctor lol.

(2) how much fatigue is “normal”, especially for a beginner who is in pretty decent cardiovascular shape? Is that a dumb question?  Any marathoners or daily runners who can share their experience? Also, this may sound really weird, but where do you “feel” your fatigue the most (especially the type that makes you stop running)? Is it mainly in your breathing, your chest as a whole, whole body, or legs/feet?

(3) what keeps your running?

Thanks for reading!

Happy running 🙂

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§ 6 Responses to Accomplishment; 7 days later

  • land animal says:

    Losing it With Jillian is inspiring to me too. And I kind of hate myself for it. She’s just so ridiculous. Yet seeing how happy all the people genuinely are at the end always moves me…

    Although, I did read that a former Biggest Loser contestant got basically harassed by the show via email and phone calls after to make sure she stayed on track. I am sure in the 6 weeks that Jillian is away the same thing is going on behind the cameras. And they have got to do what they have to for their show, but I feel like it just sets yet another unrealistic example. If professionals we hounding me 24/7 I could probably do just about anything for 6 weeks. But where does that leave the me and everybody else who are on our own in real life?

    • land animal says:

      OH and I also jog to “Bad Romance” all the time. Lol!

    • msfitmint says:

      Exactly. I’ve always wondered how much time they have to take off of work to take part in the show and how much effort they put into it. It just seems unrealistic to me that a 370 lb woman could lose 40 lbs in just 2 months. They would have to be monitored on an extreme (unrealistic and non-maintainable) calorie restriction and rigorous exercise in order to average about a 5-7 lbs/week loss – which is absolutely unhealthy to begin with but maybe the benefits outweigh the risks then ur 200 lbs overweight. It also irks me that she has morbidly obese people starting out exercise plans at high intensity right off the bat – i’ve been waiting for someone to pass out of have a heart attack – even though I’m sure they are required to have a medical exam before hand. Regardless, it’s a motivational show and I’ll take it at face value.

  • jlstaz says:

    Hey! So I’ve been running for a couple of years now, and I’ve faced a couple of injuries. One being what i suspected was a stress fracture in my posterior shin splint that was very painful and was caused by running only one way around a dirt track repeatedly. I took several weeks off and it killed my running progress. What I *should’ve* done was iced after every run that it ached and took it easy. (At that point in my training I was running almost 4 to 5 miles every day or every other.)

    Also for fatigue… I dunno if this is the case with you but I definitely feel the fatigue if I know I’m dehydrated or if I don’t have enough calories for the day yet. Make sure you have plenty of food and water in your system. Even stopping to chug water will sometimes pick you right back up.

    What keeps me running is my nike+, also if I’m finding I’m tired part way through a run, I’ll divide up the remainder of the run into smaller, more attainable increments (time or distance, etc)

  • Although I have taught fitness for over 20 years, and love exercise and people, I have to admit that I HATE running. Why run when you can get a ride? Although I do love to walk. One the ultimate running experts is Jason Karp. He puts stuff on his FB page all the time. You can access some of his articles at The new ones you have to have a password. But check him out – he is excellent. And good luck. I admire anyone who can go faster than 5 on the treadmill.!

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